This morning I wrote a story about the 10 Questions most asked to me about radio. As I have done for the past 25 years I went into it blindly not know...View Details

  Recently while having lunch with a business colleague she said something that stuck with me. Her words were "the other day I went back to my office ...View Details

When someone asks you to lunch or dinner, make no mistake there is always a reason and for the most part, it’s not a problem. Depending on the person....View Details

The body has an amazing ability to tell us when we're doing too much and we need to slow down if we refuse a slow down it'll make us slow down and the...View Details

You have to make a decision on which part you play in a race because it is what life is all about. Nobody really knows why they are successful they ar...View Details

How to Put Together a Great Team for a Project There is nothing better than having the right team for whatever project that you’re working on it helps...View Details

The three most valuable assets in our lives are not what we think they are: Not love, it's not money it's not fame it's not the fortune but it's, time...View Details

On this EXTENDED version of Pennies from Kevin, we interview Dr. Mark Calarco from the American Addiction Treatment Center in Nashville, TN. He tells ...View Details

Many times we are told to forgive the people who have done us wrong and that makes sense too many of us but it actually doesn’t make sense to your wel...View Details

Instruction Over Emotion

We are constantly surrounded by instructions as well as instructors. It’s not just a piece of paper that comes with the TV stand that you just got it’...View Details

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