Recently while having lunch with a business colleague she said something that stuck with me.

Her words were "the other day I went back to my office and I knocked everything off my desk that wasn't bringing me a profit." that was incredibly powerful to me. And I kept thinking about that statement.

There are several ways to look at this ...  you can say I'm getting rid of everything that isn't making money but I always think a bit deeper and what I was thinking is anything that isn't bearing fruit of course AFTER YOU plant the seeds. It is (listen to podcast)

When someone asks you to lunch or dinner, make no mistake there is always a reason and for the most part, it’s not a problem. Depending on the person.

There are three kinds of "Free Lunch"

  1. When someone wants to maintain
  2. When someone wants to pick your brain
  3. When someone wants to pick you pain then use it against you.

I have no problem with the first two.

But who are you having lunch with? (listen to podcast)

The body has an amazing ability to tell us when we're doing too much and we need to slow down if we refuse a slow down it'll make us slow down and the best way to do that is to make us sick. When we are sick and we're not able to work or do the things that we usually are able to do ... we gain a new perspective in life. This is the best time to find out a lot of what we look right past in our everyday hustle like .... (hear the podcast)

You have to make a decision on which part you play in a race because it is what life is all about. Nobody really knows why they are successful they are guessing, for the most part it's about doing what you love and someone seeing it and the right time. With the time that you have left, which is not guaranteed, what are you going to start doing NOW to change your life for the better? (hear podcast). We do not accept CPC or affiliate advertising. To advertise directly on the podcast contact

How to Put Together a Great Team for a Project

There is nothing better than having the right team for whatever project that you’re working on it helps Drive the vehicle.  But having the wrong team can drive your vehicle off a cliff or crashing into an 18 wheeler while you are trying to tend to the whiny and needy adult baby people in the backseat. Two things that it took me a really long time to grasp is: it’s never wise to hire people who think that working is not their thing … and the economy is not to blame for some people not working, it’s their attitude, lack of drive and motivation and negatively.  Its not that they can’t find work nobody wants to work WITH them. Also, there are lazy, negative and insecure people from all walks of life but the greater your pool the greater your chances for success. Never limit yourself.

The three most valuable assets in our lives are not what we think they are: Not love, it's not money it's not fame it's not the fortune but it's, time, value and energy. I would say purpose but you create purpose with time, value and energy just like you do everything else. Everything comes back to those three things. Time, Value and Energy. How much time do you have to devote to something that is not going to benefit you or your purpose? How much value is there in pursuing people, clients or situations that have a negative return? How much energy do you have to spare by being drained with futile efforts that you KNEW were not going to work before you invested … your time value and energy into them

On this EXTENDED version of Pennies from Kevin, we interview Dr. Mark Calarco from the American Addiction Treatment Center in Nashville, TN. He tells us about some of the ways addiction can creep into our lives and can even do so in disguise. We also talk about how people in the entertainment industry are affected.

Many times we are told to forgive the people who have done us wrong and that makes sense too many of us but it actually doesn’t make sense to your well-being, when you think about it.  I’m not saying that you shouldn’t forgive people when they’ve done you wrong, but consider that there is a very good chance they don’t even know they’ve done you wrong or that they have forgotten about it or even worse, they remember but they don’t care. So who is really at the greater loss? You! You are the person that you should forgive, and there are only two ways to put an end to the situation.  Address them or … (play podcast)

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April 13, 2018

Instruction Over Emotion

We are constantly surrounded by instructions as well as instructors. It’s not just a piece of paper that comes with the TV stand that you just got it’s about life and what happens and how we respond to it. We all want to think that were smarter than the instructions but we’re not. That’s the first way to look at it the second way is…

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