“Sense, Then” What are you going to do with your sense?

March 14, 2017

When you look back over your life, how many times could you have prospered if you had listened to YOUR own senses telling you to go for it or run from it? Chances are you were either pushed or warned in advance but the question is did you pay attention? Once you make the mistake or have a victory you will usually say “I KNEW I had a feeling about this!’” and you are always right. You did. Listening to your senses is not a debate, it’s the truth...

Losing the “WAIT”

March 7, 2017

There are times when we carry extra "wait" not just in the physical form but the mental and psychological form. What's the best way to lose the wait? Listen to this motivational podcast to find out.

Cathy Hughes, Women of Color in Radio

October 12, 2016

Cathy Hughes is the founder of Radio One. She has been in business for over 35 years and is considered an industry icon. Here she shares her knowledge and lessons along the way that has made her one fo the most respected leaders in the broadcasting industry. She gives great tips to entrepreneurs and people of color rising through the ranks. 

Keep Your Mouth Shut… and Options Open

November 17, 2015

Quite often we feel the need to tell others about our goals and plans. That's a big mistake...Here's why... (check out podcast. Make a donation to this podcast so that we can produce more vignettes about life and the pursuit of success. 

This podcast is hosted by Kevin Ross

Radio Facts Podcast - INVESTING: Money

September 29, 2015

Text from Show: 

When you hear the term investment, the first thing you think of is monetary, but investing can also be investing in yourself, your children, your health, your fugure, your education, time and more. Basically it means putting a little bit in now to hopefully get a lot more out in the future. In other words a small term loss for long-term gain. Is that guaranteed? But No just like the old lottery commercial says  “you got to be in it to win it.”  Investing of any kind requires four things; accountability, research, dedication and patience. It is not impossible to teach yourself to have all for these things simultaneously. When we come back were going to talk about renting vs owning. 

On this segment of the radiofacts radio show podcast, were talking about investing with  your money. 

PFK: Ask the Question

August 24, 2015

This is the week to take a leap of faith to start the process and go in the direction that you have been wanting to go in for a long time. Ask the Question to get the answer, motivation to get you started... from Pennies from Kevin

My Best Kev

Jay Salter and Jacci Mcghee Talk about Today’s Music Industry and their EDM Hit “Angel of Mine”

August 21, 2015

On this episode of the Radio Facts Podcast we talk to two industry vets about working in today's music industry. Jay Salter is a producer as well as a DJ who has a current hit in the often exclusive EDM world with singer Dominque and another version featuring Make it Last Forever's Jacci Mcghee. They both talk about adapting to today's industry but at the same time remembering the lessons they learned early on. I'm sure you will enjoy this podcast.


Terrie Williams Talks about Mental Illness in the Black Community

July 24, 2015

This Radio Facts podcast talks about the often ignored mental illnesses in the Black community. 

Terrie Williams owns one of the biggest and most respected agencies in the country, The Terrie Williams Agency. She is also a best selling author (click the link to buy her most recent book Black Pain) and she speaks at colleges and major corporations about mental health. She is a Mental Health Advocate and studied as a LCSW. 
We start off talking about the recent viral video of the woman who tossed her newborn baby across the floor and why the father of the baby decided to film the video. Then we talk about various types of mental illness and Terrie even discusses her own bouts of depression and how black boys are deeply affected by PTSD. 

Why Did Cory “CoCo Brother” Condrey Walk Away from his Successful Syndicated Gospel Show?

July 17, 2015

 In This Episode of the Radio Facts Radio Show...  we talked to Coco Brother who is back after the hiatus of nearly two years as hip hop’s spiritual radio personality – CoCo Brother. His brainchild this time out is Radio Condrey, his own syndication company, with the first show – “CoCo Brother Live: The Weekend” and he's accomplished quite a bit since his time off.   But what made him walk feom such a successful show 2 years ago? He has a very interesting story to tellon this episode of the Radio Facts Radio Show podcast. Enjoy

Rushion McDonald, Steve Harvey’s Business Partner

November 10, 2014
How can you market your skills to get the attention of major corporations, your boss or even a potential client? How do you broker great deals and ensure long term income and work on a great retirement for yourself? We are honored this week to have as a guest the man who has brokered blockbuster deals for superstar entertainment Mogul Steve Harvey. Harvey’s seemingly meteoric climb up the ladder to success was based on true talent a great plan and surrounding himself with the right people.

Those in the music industry are very much aware of Rushion’s McDonalds position as the man who has brokered major deals for Steve Harvey including his first major radio agreement with Radio One in Los Angeles, Steve’s current deal with Premiere/IHeartmedia for the nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning show. Rushion also brokered deals for Steve’s best selling books Act Like a Lady, Think Like a man, Straight Talk No Chaser,  he is responsible for brokering the deals for the hit movies based on the books. He helped to negotiate the deal with Family Feud and many more deals along with Attorney Ricky Anderson when Steve and Rushion decided to become business partners over 20 years ago. In this podcast Rushion gives great advice and points out many mistakes people make in the process of attempting to reach their goals as well as his best advice to avoid pitfalls. I greatly hope that you walk away from this great segment of The Radio Facts Radio Show more equipped for success. We’re featuring one of the most respected men in the industry, the multi talented, creative brand liason and broker Rushion McDonald.