Radio Facts Radio Show 2 - Changing Industry

February 6, 2014

This week, we will talk about...

Zimmerman’s Tasteless Quest to Milk the Trayon Martin tragedy

Warner Music Group’s recent arrest of a former employee for Embezzlement

Why don’t older female artist have hits like older Male artists.

Which Urban PDs Job is in trouble ?

What do black women have an addiction to hair

Djs and PDs marketing themselves in tight corporate climates for future work.

Can more women host morning shows at Urban radio stations?

....and The Biggest story on Radio this week.... Saturday Night Live’s harcore truth about Black History Month

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Show Hosts..

Kevin Ross - RFRS Producer, and Host - Industry Expert, Entrepreneur, Speaker

Paul Porter Industry Expert

The Poetess - Radio Producer, Radio Host

Dwayne McClary - Record label consultant, Sports Marketing, Talent Agent

Jamillah Muhammed - former Program Director, Marketing

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